Discover what people think of your brand – or if they think about it at all. Brand Alpha is a tool that measures how people perceive your brand on four key image drivers we call the V-Factors. Tested across 140 brands, these combined traits are a proven predictor of market growth. Use it to assess your brand’s current performance, and identify where your next strategy lies.


You bought your family pet for $100 but wouldn’t part with them for $100,000. That’s value: people need to feel your brand makes life better. By understanding which problem your brand is solving or could solve, companies can tailor their products and marketing to answer these needs. Our tool measures how much people appreciate your brand, as well as how easy they find it to buy or use.

Brand Value is judged by:
• Filling a real need
• Being easy to buy or use

Brands should aspire to a higher purpose that feels authentic. How does your brand improve the world? Our research shows people are twice as likely to recommend Virtuous brands, and more than three times as likely to pay extra for them.

Brand Virtue is judged by:
• Clarity of purpose
• A unifying brand ideology
• Sincere, consistent behaviours



Do you have presence? This works two ways. Either your brand should come to mind in purchase decisions, or be easily available. Brands with the most real estate in people’s minds or on the shelves are rated high in Visibility. And when you score high on this, you find it easier to grow and hold market share, as well as build trust and loyalty.

Brand Visibility is judged by:
• Meaningful engagement with your market
• Continued reaching out to potential customers
• Telling compelling stories

Be a pioneer. Because if your brand doesn’t stand out, it’s
not cutting through. These
days having a distinct
brand is becoming a greater indicator of future
performance than any
difference in product or service. Are you doing enough to get people talking? If you want
an edge over your competitors,
it pays to be edgy.

Brand Vitality is judged by:
• Game-changing innovation
• Strong brand identity
• Creating highly memorable experiences


1. Unify brand measurement across stakeholders
Discover where you sit against competitors and get insight into areas you could improve. Brand Alpha gives a true 360° understanding of your brand and its audience. From customers, to prospects, employees, shareholders and the general public. Use it to predict important brand behaviours like advocacy, growth in market share and shareholder value.

2. Predict customer recommendation
Word of mouth is vital to customer acquisition and indicates strong brand loyalty. Brands that score highly with Brand Alpha are up to four times more likely to be recommended than low-scoring brands.

3. Predict growth in shareholder value
The top quartile of publicly listed brands measured using Brand Alpha have outperformed the other publicly listed brands in terms of both growth in share price and EPS over two years following measurement.

4. Use it for non-profit brands
Rather than dry transactional terms (“trial”, “repurchase”), Brand Alpha differs from other models by measuring the relationship between brands and people in human values. This makes it useful for non-profits where transactions don’t apply, and gives a truer indication of how people emotionally engage with your brand.